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I highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it yet. It has practical suggestions on how to take care of a person who suffered a stroke or brain injury. No one is free, you never know when or to whom it could happen. I bet that if my family knew some of the facts provided in this book we would have been more careful, and my brother himself, with his recovery. He suffered brain hemorrhages last year. He is fine now, after a miraculous recovery…thanks God.
Beautiful story of Jill Bolte, science and spirituality connected, supporting each other…all the universal energy we talk about in Reiki and other energy healing practices, meditation, yoga, all of what was dismissed with the “evolution” of civilization has recently started being supported by science, and hopefully in the near future by the utmost rational person.┬áIt is amazing how much humanity is discovering these years. I am feeling hopeful and joyful, and yes, here it comes a tear.

Good vibe to all


TED presentation of Jill Bolte:



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