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During the last days I found myself judging others for their undependable behavior. In the same way that my ex-partner was judging my “irresponsible” decisions, I was judging others for their “lack of compromise” or “instability”. In the last couple of years I made certain turns and followed paths that some people didn’t expect and didn’t agree with, but they came from the same place of honesty and sensibility that moves others in their own directions. These directions might raise eyebrows, doubts in yourself, even hurt other people, but by any means disappointment with yourself. Feeling disappointed is the red flag, it is time to take a break, think thoroughly, make a plan with all things considered, and then gather strength to become: AUDACIOUSLY YOU! (I stole this last phrase from a wonderful woman, Coke Nakamoto, about whom I would like to talk in a different post).

It would be then insensible to judge others for following their internal forces. What I ask for myself is to be able to accept the honest decisions of those around me, even if those decisions hurt me in some manner. I can’t demand from others what their spirits are not meant to give, and I have to keep in mind that it is my ego who is getting hurt. It is not an easy process, but the moment we understand that the core of others’ decisions have to do only with themselves, our anger turn into sadness, then calmness, and eventually into gratefulness.

My wish for all of us is to continue our paths with honesty and love, and to strength our inner fires to continue shining and sharing the best of us with those beautiful “others” that cross our paths.


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