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Practicing Gratitude

I just wanted to share with you the link to the excerpt of an interview on practicing gratitude from the Human Media website. Personally, I try to remind myself every day to see at the positive in my life, and even to see the difficulties as opportunities…this last point is certainly the most difficult thing I have ever tried, but little by little it is becoming part of my mindset. No, again, it is not easy, but believe me I have examples where I have noticed how much better I am responding to situations that in the past would have paralyzed me. It still causes pain, fear, but there is also a sense of trust that haven’t emerged before and that allows me to navigate the rough waters keeping myself afloat rather than sinking. In any case, start today if you haven’t yet, count your blessings.


Good vibe to all.


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It takes hard work to receive with an open heart, to be grateful, and to find joy in every situation, even in those that were not expected…thank you to the souls that are teaching me so much without knowing it. Wishing you all tons of laughs in the coming week.

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