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Thought of the Day

From the documentary To be Heard: “the most simple and basic way you empower yourself is through self-awareness”…said by a teacher to his students in a class called “Powerful Writing” in the film. I couldn’t agree more.

Del documental To be Heard: ” la manera más simple y básica de desarrollar tu fortaleza es a través del conocimiento de uno mismo”…dicho por un maestro a sus estudiantes en una clase de “Escritura Poderosa” en la película. Estoy totalmente de acuerdo.




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Thought of the day

“Stolen” from the film Beginners: “…you can’t be ugly, except to the people who don’t understand”.

Good vibe to you all


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For the last few years, I didn’t have cable at home because I didn’t want to spend money for watching TV series and reality shows. However, from the first week I stayed with my very good friend Paulette I got hooked with the show “So you think you can dance”. Something gets under your skin when you see someone putting all his heart on the stage. By watching the competitors, you can feel their passion for dancing and their passion for living…no wonder, putting your heart into something you love can only translate into feeling alive, and that is contagious.

During the final show some participants had to dance styles that were not within their expertise, but they still did their best. Unfortunately, there was a sense of incompleteness. We knew they could do better, as one of the judges put it, when they were “in their element”. I can see how that relates to life, we can do fine with things that are thrown at us, but inside we know we are not bringing up our shine. Living in our element might sometimes not bring us the material compensation that is necessary for survival; it is not easy to find balance between the requests of the world and the requests of our spirit. But, if you think you found your element, fight for it! Throw yourself with passion into its arms, because your power will be multiplied, the hearts you’ll touch will go far beyond the hearts watching from their seats…and then, the brave dancer will not only conquer the material world, but also the domains of his own life.

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