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A life coach is not someone who will save you the effort to think and make a decision for you, but rather help you identify, unite, shape, and color the disperse rays of light, ideas, emotions, and dreams, that together reflect your true self. I can say that with the support of my dear friends, family, and an amazingly sensitive and sharp life coach, I have become better at listening to myself…every time a situation doesn’t feel good I have a better idea of what questions to ask, and pay attention to the “icky” parts…it is not an easy exercise, but the more I do it the better I feel with my decisions, and this somehow shortens the periods of “suffering”…doesn’t that sound fantastic? The responsibility is in my hands, the answers are within myself, as Petula (fearlesspetula.wordpress.com) put it: she is helping to carry the mirror in front of me, but I have the answers…I would add that she also makes sure to swipe out others’ expectations, social conventions, unfounded fears, and most important, those “guys” in everyone’s mind that keep bombarding you with negative messages. Consequently, the decisions made are consistent with my true self, and in turn make me more content, which at the same time puts me in a better position to serve and support the people I care for.

Although this transition is also bringing me some tears, I can’t express with words how grateful I am for the inner transformation in which you have been instrumental Petula. Whatever the outcome will be in this journey, I am already a much better person, and a person better equipped to deal with the “blues” to bring up the “jazz”.


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Thought of the Day

As much as you can, plan your work around your life, not your life around your work…

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