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“While the needs of human survival do trump all other human concerns, this is a very low threshold and we should strive for something higher whenever possible. Scrabbling for one’s existence isn’t the experience of a truly human life. “Truly human,” both intuitively and in the work of ethical analyses, establishes a higher threshold where concepts such as human dignity, universal moral equality, aesthetic experience, imagination, altruism, nurturing and intimacy all have a place. While precisely defining that threshold is challenging, most of us know what it means to feel like a dignified, valued human being. It is true that relief workers often must focus on survival, but development practitioners and policymakers are able to aim higher—at the “truly human” threshold—by facilitating the attainment of sustainable, peaceful and prosperous societies.”

Chloe Schwenke, “Reclaiming Value in International Development, The Moral Dimensions of Development Policy and Practice in Poor Countries” Chapter: Crossing the Humanity Threshold

In an attempt to find the link between the work in international development and the development of inner peace and true joy.


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