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Hello all!

Well, from now on, there are no more excuses for not keeping the blog updated frequently, my goal is to feed it with new articles and/or my own notes on a weekly basis. As of today I started my new schedule at work (at least I will try to work as little as possible from home) and the first thing I did was to drive to the “Roy and Patricia Disney Family Cancer Center” in Burbank, and as expected, it is a beautiful brand new place. They provide integrative medicine services not only to cancer patients but also to the general public. For anyone who is interested, they have Meditation classes at $8 (group) on Tuesdays & Wednesdays, Yoga at $8/class every day in the mornings (if you guys want more details of the schedule I will scan the brochure I got-the info is not in their website), and also QiGong and Tai Chi at $8/class. Individual services as Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reiki, and Massage are provided at $40/session which is a very reasonable price for this type of services. I signed up for volunteering, so I am waiting for the call of the Volunteer Coordinator to see how I can get involved.

I don’t forget that I have pending the post on Yoga…coming this weekend…promise :-).

Sending you all good vibe and energy!!!


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Thank you!!!

Dear friends,

Thank you very much for your supportive messages and comments, God knows that every single word from you gives me strenght and reafirms that this is the right thing to do. I am taking more radical actions, like cutting back in hours of work to explore this new path…as of June 15 I will be working part-time at my current job…yes, financial sacrifices or rather “investment” on my health, my relationships with friends and family, and the continuation of my life purpose’s exploration…as romantic as it might sound I believe it is one of the most sane and sensible decisions I made in my life. A bit scared but excited and confident that I will learn and gain tons from this period. ¬†Every day since I am feeling this call, I have been finding more and more initiatives that search for alternatives beyond the traditional methods. One example is the Cancer Center at Providence Saint Joseph Medical Center, it provides not only the conventional medical services for cancer patients, but also yoga, integrative medicine, spiritual care, a holistic approach to the treatment of cancer. Here the link if you are interested in getting more information: http://www.triumphovercancer.org.

I want to share the power that yoga is having in me right now, that to come in the next few days ;-).

Good energy to all of you!


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