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Dear friends,

This blog is being created with the intention to share with you what I have been discovering during the last years, treasures that are helping me re-discover myself and see the universe with different eyes. I have become a true believer that the only way to bring health and joy to our lives (true joy, not distractors) is by changing ourselves from the inside out…and this process is not necessarily easy, and that is why we have tools. There is a wide range of tools and everybody can choose as many as he/she finds of most help. Here you will find information about the tools that I am finding personally instrumental in my life journey, like Reiki, Yoga, Naturopathic Medicine, Life Coaching and Acupuncture, but also information about other alternatives, studies about their efficacy, and in general alternatives to traditional methods that most of the times treat our symptoms but not the root of our problems.

My hope is that the information in this blog will guide you towards genuine love for a healthy and joyful life beyond established parameters…I will be happy to hear about your experiences, thoughts and suggestions.

For the moment good vibe to all of you and welcome aboard!!!


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