Hola amigos y familia, quería compartir con ustedes este artículo muy interesante sobre las pruebas científicas que se están haciendo sobre el Reiki.

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El Reiki ahora tiene explicación científica






The shift toward integrative practices that assess the person as a whole social, spiritual, and physical entity, is relevant, perhaps more than ever. In times of virtual connections and higher awareness of our human mortality in a planet that is being depleted, the re-definition of health and wellbeing is imperative; it might be the only way to save our humanity and our planet.


“Loving someone liberates the lover as well as the beloved. And that kind of love comes with age.”

Maya Angelou – May 28, 2014 RIP 


‘You don’t get to choose if you get hurt in this world, but you do have some say in who hurts you’. From: The Fault in our Stars, John Green

I highly recommend this book if you haven’t read it yet. It has practical suggestions on how to take care of a person who suffered a stroke or brain injury. No one is free, you never know when or to whom it could happen. I bet that if my family knew some of the facts provided in this book we would have been more careful, and my brother himself, with his recovery. He suffered brain hemorrhages last year. He is fine now, after a miraculous recovery…thanks God.
Beautiful story of Jill Bolte, science and spirituality connected, supporting each other…all the universal energy we talk about in Reiki and other energy healing practices, meditation, yoga, all of what was dismissed with the “evolution” of civilization has recently started being supported by science, and hopefully in the near future by the utmost rational person. It is amazing how much humanity is discovering these years. I am feeling hopeful and joyful, and yes, here it comes a tear.

Good vibe to all


TED presentation of Jill Bolte:


During the last days I found myself judging others for their undependable behavior. In the same way that my ex-partner was judging my “irresponsible” decisions, I was judging others for their “lack of compromise” or “instability”. In the last couple of years I made certain turns and followed paths that some people didn’t expect and didn’t agree with, but they came from the same place of honesty and sensibility that moves others in their own directions. These directions might raise eyebrows, doubts in yourself, even hurt other people, but by any means disappointment with yourself. Feeling disappointed is the red flag, it is time to take a break, think thoroughly, make a plan with all things considered, and then gather strength to become: AUDACIOUSLY YOU! (I stole this last phrase from a wonderful woman, Coke Nakamoto, about whom I would like to talk in a different post).

It would be then insensible to judge others for following their internal forces. What I ask for myself is to be able to accept the honest decisions of those around me, even if those decisions hurt me in some manner. I can’t demand from others what their spirits are not meant to give, and I have to keep in mind that it is my ego who is getting hurt. It is not an easy process, but the moment we understand that the core of others’ decisions have to do only with themselves, our anger turn into sadness, then calmness, and eventually into gratefulness.

My wish for all of us is to continue our paths with honesty and love, and to strength our inner fires to continue shining and sharing the best of us with those beautiful “others” that cross our paths.

In spite of…

(Lima, June 2011)

During the last months there have been sad, happy, calm, painful, hilarious, encouraging situations. Everyone is born, grows up, and continues his life within different circumstances that influence their physical space and their minds: to be born in a developing country, in a developed country, to be blonde, to have dark skin, to be born in the bosom of a lovely family, in the bosom of a dysfunctional family, in a country under constant attacks, in a country that attacks constantly, in a machista society, in a family with two dads, surrounded by neighbors who spend all their time watching what you do, in a community that doesn’t know of your existence, to be born with a solid health, to be born with a weak one. Many circumstances are not under our control, but what is under our control is the attitude that we have towards them. For some people the circumstances are very difficult, for others are  more bearable, but they are, the fact is that they ARE. What we have to keep in mind is that we can’t compare ourselves with others; to evolve we can only compare ourselves with ourselves, because each one of us has developed according to non-controllable circumstances that shaped our lives, circumstances that we can influence but not change. A turtle won’t walk faster than a hare, but it can improve its time compared to the day before…a hare can’t use its fur as protection from the rain like a shell, but can lie on its side or back and get up with no problem.

Unless we are already dead, let’s breathe, let’s remember that we can breathe, that we are alive, that we can smile, despite our surroundings falling into pieces, despite the souls around us that hit and get irritated, who see themselves as victims blaming the hare for being faster than they are. Two facts are irrevocable: we can’t find peace by avoiding reality, and the most important one, we have to learn to find peace IN SPITE OF… When facing difficult circumstances or people, how much did I strengthen my attitude to protect myself and to deal with them, or step away if I can; how much did I learn to protect myself without losing faith in goodness, without losing control over myself, how much progress did I make in my projects in spite of? As kids we are vulnerable, as teenagers we are irreverent and daring, as adults we learn to discern and to consolidate our identities…to this point in our lives how much did we evolve in spite of…? If you are not religious, perhaps you won’t be able to explain the negative circumstances in life as tests, but I bet you won’t gain anything either by being angry thinking how unfair they are. It is just what it is, and today you can only compare yourself with yourself. If you compare a negative circumstance today with a similar one a year ago: Have I learned to channel better the anger or the pain? Am I able to feel good with myself for how I handle things? Is there anything else I can do about it?

When facing any situation, let’s remember that we are human beings and that we are imperfect, that even if I generate a negative circumstance or if I am involved in one, our hearts must be protected, be loved. Our responsibility is to do our best to rectify our mistakes or to influence the circumstances we live in, but never fall into victimization.

Good vibe to all the warrior souls, who despite the negative circumstances and falls, keep smiling, continue evolving and protect their inner fire…sooner or later they achieve their goals, in spite of…

Practicing Gratitude

I just wanted to share with you the link to the excerpt of an interview on practicing gratitude from the Human Media website. Personally, I try to remind myself every day to see at the positive in my life, and even to see the difficulties as opportunities…this last point is certainly the most difficult thing I have ever tried, but little by little it is becoming part of my mindset. No, again, it is not easy, but believe me I have examples where I have noticed how much better I am responding to situations that in the past would have paralyzed me. It still causes pain, fear, but there is also a sense of trust that haven’t emerged before and that allows me to navigate the rough waters keeping myself afloat rather than sinking. In any case, start today if you haven’t yet, count your blessings.


Good vibe to all.


It takes hard work to receive with an open heart, to be grateful, and to find joy in every situation, even in those that were not expected…thank you to the souls that are teaching me so much without knowing it. Wishing you all tons of laughs in the coming week.

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